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About Us


I am a recent law student graduate, aspiring attorney and single mother of 3 children.  I held leadership position and was a mentor in both a women’s group in undergrad and as a part of BWLSA (black women’s law student association during law school.  I am a woman after God’s own heart, flawed but aiming at perfection. It is God who has gotten me through motherhood, horrific years of law school and tedious hours of studying for the bar exam.   After letting myself go throughout law school, the long hours of studying followed by duties of motherhood I did not feel as beautiful as I knew I could. I began to spend more time on beautifying myself and both my self-confidence and positive outlook on life was improved greatly as I felt more beautiful.

When approached by Catalina Burgos who is also my awesome Stepmother about making hair extensions available at a reasonable cost without cutting quality, I encouraged her to pursue it. I did so because every woman deserves to feel beautiful and confident, and cost should not be a barrier nor should it undercut quality. I am a believer in the simple, convenient yet amazing clip-in hair extensions that we make available to every woman who wants that extra pep in her step. I personally use it for volume and to add a little or a lot of color and sass to my hair and attitude. You will love the way you feel when your beauty stands out!


Hi! I believe in Beauty and I believe in YOU!  I also believe in Platinum145 Hair Extensions where you wont be cheating yourself BUT treating yourself!


Having fine hair that needed a boost, one Christmas I was shopping and ended up paying $150.00 for 3 small wefts of hair at a mall kiosk.  I really needed thickness added to the crown of my head, I wanted a fuller look to my hair.  I knew there had to be an easier and more cost effective way to enhance my hair, after all 3 pieces was not enough to give me the look I desired, so I began my quest to find beautiful clip-in extensions that I could make available for women to purchase for a better price.  

I am so excited that I did, along with our P145 crew, we not only provide 7 piece clip-in hair extensions packages, but now eyelashes too! P145 Beauty was founded in Los Angeles, CA.  

As a frequent user of P145 Beauty clip-in hair extensions myself, I wash, brush, curl and style them effortlessly.  I love the way the look so natural, no one ever guesses that I am wearing clip-in hair extensions!